Introduction to iBreast Exam (Breast screening)

Of all the known cancers in the world, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women globally. It is the most common cancer in most parts of India. Current Indian data show that one in 22 women develop breast cancer, more than half of them present themselves in advanced stages. Out of two who develops it, one dies.

Currently mammogram is the screening solution for breast cancer. But regular mammogram costs between Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,500 or more. In developing countries, most women don’t have access to mammograms. The bad news, however, is that less than three percent of women come for regular screening in India for early detection of the disease.With limited access to mechanisms of early detection, the vast majority of breast cancer cases present at late stage.

The success of iBreast exam lies in ensuring that we provide easy & cheaper access to Breast screening to all women.

Advantages of iBreast Exam:
In the light of this fact, comes the importance of iBreast Examwhich is
1) Cheaper
2) Easier (the test will take only few minutes)
3) Painless (mammogram is painful) and
4) Safe (no Radiation)
5) Patient friendlyand easily accessible

iBreast scanner is anintelligent small, battery-powered, handheld machine that gently vibrates when you run it over a woman’s chest. Without causing any pain or radiation, it detects abnormal breast tissue as small as 3millimetres within a few minutes and the results are obtained through android phone in PDF Format.

Clinical Validation:

Few of the International research journals highlighting the successful implementation of iBreast Exam in the community setting and its potential for mass breast cancer screening in

• Indian Journal of Gynaecologic Oncology (IJGO)(2016); The study showed that iBreast Exam device can significantly enhance clinical breast examination with high Specificity (94%) and Negative Predictive Value (NPV) of 98%. The study concluded that iBreast Exam can be a promising tool for early detection of clinically relevant lesions at early stages and also useful in younger women with dense breasts.
• World Journal of Surgical Oncology (WJSO), Oct 28, 2016
• Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research (JCPCR), June 20, 2018
• Journal of the American College of Surgeons(JACS)

These studies concluded that iBreast Exam can be a promising tool to provide clinically effective and standardized breast examination to detect breast lesions at an early stages and also useful in younger women with dense breasts.

iBreast Exam is approved by WHO and FDA
• Won 12+ awards
Pfizer Foundation Grant Award; May 18, 2018
Lexus Design Award India, 2018; February 25, 2018

How to get our service
We conduct awareness classes free for group of clients as per request.
We reach at desired sites or offices with our devices and staff who are trained and certified to perform the examination. Since it is cheaper, safer & easier to use, this can be used for mass screening at Panchayats, corporate offices and at institutions across Kerala.
Organizations can sponsor the cost through their health funds, and CSR for mass screening of communities and their staff.

Project Ownership

• Mrs. Litty Varghese,
Director, La Smilez iBreast Exam Clinic,
Pachalam, Kochi, Email :litty_varghese@hotmail.com,Mob : 9207776737


Mrs.Litty Varghese